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¿What is ICB?

¿What is iCloud Broker?

iCLOUD BROKER  is a virtual space where a business community offers, in a structured way, products or services. This web platform allows: the publishing of solutions and services catalogs, the use of these services and solutions, the handling of the solution’s life cycle (deployment, testing and production environments), monitoring (CPU usage, application size, number of requests) and different billing modalities (single payment, subscription, pay per use, by transaction).

ICB features

ICB features

iCloud Broker Features

•  Providers have a space available to upload services of different typologies (SaaS applications, API’s) and to publish offers and promotions in their service catalog.
•  The assessment of providers and service rankings is made through a client questionnaire and by achieved sales.
•  The purchasing application process allows direct purchase of products and services, trial periods, and pay per use of the service.
•  Centralized access to purchased services and products allows clients to perform different actions, it is possible to access payment records, modifications or queries about your application, and to cancel your subscription, among other actions.
•  Providers monitor sales, product purchasing, and the hiring of services in a centralized way, having readily available data of the use their clients make of their services.


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ICB benefits

iCloud Broker Benefits

•  This Marketplace offers the end to end process from the publishing of a service, to the purchasing process, payment, usage, contract or service agreement and service evaluations.

•  It allows for the merchandising and provisioning of different types of technological services in a SaaS model (Software as a Service) developed in PHP, Java, .Net, G and running over dedicated instances for each client or in a multitenant capacity (multiple clients over one instance) through the use of GPaaS (Indra’s Platform as a Service), optimizing use of resources and improving business margins paying only for services consumed.

•  The availability of different business models: pay per use, free trial periods, monthly subscriptions, pay per transaction,  service petitions, etc.

•  The hiring of infrastructure in different IaaS/datacenters.